HaTzofim Australia is a branch of the Israeli Scouts youth organisation (non-profit) that involves mainly in two leading projects: HaTzofim youth movement and Garin Tzabar Australia.

HaTzofim youth movement involves thousands of teenagers in Israel and around the world. Its programme gives the opportunity for every child and teenager to gain leadership skills and to integrate and take a meaningful part in the Israeli society and the Jewish communities around the world.

HaTzofim Australia have been active since 2013, with two operating chapters “Shvatim”; Melbourne’s Shevet Onnot, and Sydney’s Shevet Shahar.

Weekly activities in Hebrew are carried out by our “Madrichim” (leaders), high school students trained in HaTzofim leadership. The activities, which children between the ages of 8-14 attend, demonstrate the Israeli Scouts values. These include leadership, democracy, friendship, Israel and Judaism, as well as caring for the environment, resourcefulness, and morality.

HaTzofim AustraliaBoard of Directors

  • Mr. Zeev Bashan (chairperson)
  • Mr. Gabi Klien
  • Mrs. Miri Heitner
  • Mrs. Noa Sheer- Benav
  • Mrs. Dalit Rav
  • Mr. Asher Alhassid
  • Mr. Elad Sanderovich
  • Mr. Cali Cohen

HaTzofim AustraliaOur Team

  • Michael Manhaim Executive Director 
  • Elik Rotenberg Sydney’s coordinator
  • Ofek Sternberg Melbourne’s coordinator

    HaTzofim AustraliaOur Partners