Shevet Shahar is Sydney’s branch of the Israeli scouts in Australia – started off in 2015 with a small group of teenagers from all over Sydney metro area. This group set the first ‘shachbag’ (senior year) undergoing a leadership course and sharing the goal of becoming the leaders of the new Shevet in Sydney.

Since 2016, Shevet Shahar runs Tzofim (scouts) activities in Hebrew, for children from school years 3 to 12, giving them the taste of Israeli youth movement with its non-formal indoor and outdoor activities. 

These activities are being held throughout the year by our experienced young coaches and leaders. The indoor activities are being held on weekends in Lindfield whilst the outdoor ones are being held in various locations and outlined in the table below:

Activity Type Frequency Ages
Cycling Annually All ages
Winter / summer camp Bi-annually All ages
Leaders seminar Annually Years 9-12
Leaders federal camp Bi-annually Years 9-12
State soccer competition Annually Years 9-12
Trampolines Annually All ages
Working bee day Annually Years 9-12
Rock climbing Annually All ages
Tracks (parks and reserves) Annually All ages
Community volunteering Annually All ages

The “Shevet” also celebrates the Jewish and Israeli community events which connects the community to its roots and culture. It encourages all children to be active and engaged and the older children to lead and mentor the younger ones.

Shevet Shahar opened the Hebrew Library and a game centre for the community. The Library is open at the same time as the Tzofim activity hours.

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